Static to interactive in just a few clicks

ZIZERA automatically transforms your pre-designed PDFs into dynamic content — like shopable catalogues, multimedia PR toolkits, interactive user manuals, and more. Just upload your PDF, and ZIZERA will automatically identify text, pull out images and design elements to get them ready for dynamic interactive touches.

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Add interactive elements in a code-free environment

Instantly add interactive features, like embedded video, multimedia galleries, sound files, search-ability, and shop-able links in the intuitive, easy-to-use ZIZERA Studio - without a single line of code.

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Create once, publish everywhere

When your interactive publication is ready to go, simply select a few settings and let ZIZERA automatically generate interactive web apps and native apps for iOS and Android. Publish to multiple platforms with one click so that your users can experience your content wherever and whenever they want. You can also embed your publication into an existing website, inject it into social media, generate a micro site or campaign landing page.

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Upload and manage creative assets

Keep all your creative assets organized. Upload assets such as films, images, sound files, and galleries for easy access and reuse them across publications.

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Track and guide insights

All your analytical needs are covered. With integration of tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel, you gain valuable insights and track how users interact with your content continuously.

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Support when you need it

You’re never alone in your creative journey. Access our Q&As, design inspiration or chat live with an expert directly from inside your workspace. We’ll help you make the most of using ZIZERA.

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Fast and secure global distribution

ZIZERA’s advanced cloud infrastructure securely ensures fast global distribution. The self-scaling system lets you go from one to one million users in only three minutes.

Access your workspace anywhere

ZIZERA is SaaS (Software as a service). This means you can access your work whenever you want from wherever you are. Your design projects will always be with you.

Display your content in perfect clarity

ZIZERA’s unique technology processes and displays the PDF directly, without using jpegs or vectors. The tool automatically extracts images and design elements from any PDF, then configures them and injects them back into the PDF. This ensures efficient downloading and processing and the highest quality rendering that the displaying device can manage. Your content is displayed in perfect clarity every time.

From design program to dynamic content

Prepare your PDFs or graphics in inDesign, Illustrator, Framemaker, or Ventura and meta tag them. ZIZERA will read them and automatically know what to connect to and how to read and configure individual design elements.


Easy integration

ZIZERA is seamlessly integrated with all the other tools and platforms you work with. You can easily access and plug assets into your content and easily distribute, embed, and inject your interactive content across platforms, systems, channels with integrated analytics and marketing automation - for free.


Increase revenue

Now you can easily and quickly create content that makes your users spend more time per visit. That means better lead quality and increased conversion rates.

create without limits

Endless possibilities are at your fingertips in the intuitive easy-to-use ZIZERA Studio: multi-platform publishing, push notifications, analytics integration, advanced cloud infrastructure, support and inspiration, and so much more.


Go from flat page pdf to native app in just a few clicks

There’s no quicker way to get from a flat page to interactive native app. Just upload your PDF and add the interactive elements you desire with a few quick clicks. No coding required.

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