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You imagine it, ZIZERA enables it

ZIZERA Enterprise removes the barriers to efficient global marketingcommunication. It puts our powerful, flexible development platform towork for you. Intuitive tools for creating engaging content from .PDF to HTMLare at your disposal, with all backend services and a global processingand hosting environment. This functionality is backed by ZIZERA’s expertsoftware development and integration services.

Freedom to develop

ZIZERA Enterprise gives you readymade publication production and distribution system fornon-technical users and a Software Development Kit for front end developers, with backendservices and global processing and hosting environment to modify, extend or change existingsolutions or build new ones. You’re also free to use a custom domain to display yourpublications.

In short, you have the freedom to customize and develop almost every aspect of your system orrequest our team to assist you. Every business has it own unique requirements and ZIZERAensures a solution that can be perfectly tailored to your needs.

Your publications, your way

Develop, test and deploy your own Web viewer, iOS and Android applications from scratch orbuildit on top of the ready made Zizera viewer application. You can create anything from simplesingle publication apps to a publication library viewer, with product integrations, ecommercefunctionality and subscriptions.ZIZERA supports all languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese and Japanese.

HTML publications

ZIZERA Enterprise also makes it easy to create your own HTML templates for a template basedpublication display using pure html and javascript or javascript templating libraries likehandlebars or fully fledged frameworks such as Vue and React. Once created, you cancustomize them fully to suit your needs.

Automated excellence

Whatever the scale and scope of your production, ZIZERA makes it easy to automate youroperations and master totally. Need a fully automated solution for scheduled publications? Wecan deliver. What’s more, we’ll ensure it’s tightly integrated with your production workflow.

Drive sales and share

Customized integration to your web store makes it simple for customers to buy from within thepublication, with no need to navigate away. ZIZERA also supports increased sales through awealth of sharing possibilities, including virtually all today’s social media services.

In addition, push notifications ensure you keep customers up to date with special offers andother relevant information. It’s easy to set up custom messages based, for example, on market,region or language.Want to direct customers to physical stores? That’s taken care of – the store locator provides allthe details they need.

Data – under control

ZIZERA gives you mastery over every detail. For example, you can separate your content fordifferent markets or regions and allocate different user permissions.

We make it easy to import existing products and store information into the system usingcustomized replication services that we create specially for you.

Powerful analytics

Get the complete picture with extensive support for analytics. Zizera comes with a readymadecomprehensive integration to Google analytics and Google Tag manager with a range ofpredefined reports and we can integrate ZIZERA with any existing analytics platforms you have,such as Tealium and Omniture, or you can create your own adapters using our SDK.

Round-the-clock support

Online marketing never sleeps! ZIZERA Professional gives you access to dedicated supportchannels, ensuring your customer experience is always smooth and hassle-free. These includea dedicated account manager and service desk, as well as Premium Support for the smoothestpossible experience.

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