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Fast and simple

It’s easy to bring life to your catalogs by embedding videos and image galleries or creatingbeautiful transitions. It’s easy to edit or create links to products pages or other information onyour website to increase sales. You can also set icons or ‘hotspot’ areas on the page to triggerdifferent actions.

Embed webviews

ZIZERA lets you take a section of your website and make it an integral part of your onlinecatalog – with all the website’s functionality retained. Perhaps you have a shopping page orcontact form on your site? No problem. The page can be seamlessly woven in and there’s noneed for customers to navigate away to make us of your website’s functionality.

Flexible creation

ZIZERA Standard lets you create your catalog the way you want it. For example, you can createchapters for fast and easy navigation or add a tag to display the page overview. You also havepowerful options for configuring pop ups. They can be made to do everything from displayingproducts to connecting with customer support.

With ZIZERA, it’s easy to display products in new and exciting ways. You could present a list ofrelevant products for a specific page, or embed products and related information into a popup.What’s more, you can link directly to your online store to boost sales.

Real-time control

You can preview and edit your catalogs to see how well they will work with mobile or webbrowsers. When you’re ready, just push the button and publish to web and mobile apps at once.Or schedule publication for the time and day that suits you. And with the Google Analyticsintegration you’re always updated on all statistics in real time.

Build into your website

Want to create an even stronger connection to your website by embedding your catalog intoyour website, making it an integral part of the page and retaining all the cool ZIZERA interactivefeatures.

Beautiful customer experiences

No more shopper frustration! Now you customers can enjoy a smooth and flexible browsingexperience that will ensure longer interactions and a positive impression.Powerful search functionality makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. It’seasy to add products, videos and galleries to favorites and share pages or favorites via links orsocial media. You can also let your visitors copy or highlight text or download the PDF.

Powerful analytics

Get the complete picture with extensive support for analytics. Zizera comes with a readymadecomprehensive integration to Google analytics and Tag manager with a range predefinedreports

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