Global furniture retailer

Online catalog published in over 60 versions for local markets as a web app and native apps.

The beautiful online IKEA catalogues are made in ZIZERA in an extensively customized solution tailored for their requirements and distributed globally in all channels and for all devices.

The cooperation has grown over the years, and ZIZERA has added a wide range of tailored functionality to meet evolving needs. As a global supplier with a fast-changing product offering, the company needs a agile solution and a partner that can adapt rapidly to handle new requirements. That’s ZIZERA; our can-do attitude and flexible software platform enable us to meet any eventuality with a timely solution.

The solution is integrated with the advanced IKEA pre-press processes all languages and markets and connected to the company’s product DB´s through live replications. Any product mentioned in an uploaded PDF is automatically recognized and made clickable without manual intervention.

When needed ZIZERA has also integrated third-party functionality, such as adding augmented reality to mobile apps and integration of to their state-of-the-art statistical tools and connecting with its tracking service.

The digital catalogs are a responsive solution that supports sales and service quality in a rapidly changing business environment.

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