Interactive PDF publications fully integrated into the company’s e-commerce system on mobile and web apps.

Integration drives sales

Oriflame is one of the most successful global Swedish companies selling direct in more than 60 countries. Its broad portfolio of Swedish, nature-inspired, innovative beauty products is marketed through approximately millions of independent Oriflame Consultants.

ZIZERA is an part of Oriflame’s sales approach. Local product catalogs in all markets are handled by our solution, which is closely integrated with Oriflame’s website and eCommerce system.

This integrated solution makes it easier for Oriflame Consultants to show products and make sales directly. The Consultant can show the catalog on their phone, tablet or computer. Clicking to purchase places the product straight into the shopping basket of Oriflame’s eCommerce system, and the sale is made right away and the customer is never redirecting away from the catalog.

As an international company with a dynamic product offering, Oriflame needs a fast, flexible and efficient way to reach customers with offers, new product details and other information. ZIZERA makes it easy to connect through all channels, supporting a smooth process.