What is the ZIZERA Platform

IT structure that allows multiple products to be built within the same technical framework, much faster and more efficiently than stand-alone.

The platform consists of very advanced backend services and global Cloud hosting and processing infrastructure.

All web programmers can use the platform to build complex solutiuons without any backend programming experiance.

Very powerful development tools come with the platform, a FTP and so-called SDK (Software Development Kit). Both are made available by ZIZERA as open source, widely distributed. All products that are built on the platform are run and operated by ZIZERA and can be sold and distributed through the ZIZERA community.

Users and resellers of ZIZERA can build client spesific functions and applications on top of the platform and in addition sell as a product through the ZIZERA community portal.

ZIZERA is a SaaS API driven development framework placed on a global CDN, optimized for building content management projects of any size and complexity. ZIZERA provides the best tools and infrastructure available for front-end developers covering the full development cycle and global distribution.

The ZIZERA PUBLICATION MANAGEMENT SUITE, ZIZERA SDK and ZIZERA WEB show how advanced publication and content management systems for totally different requirements and operational skills can be built using the ZIZERA CONTENT MANAGEMENT PLATFORM.

There is no limit to the content management projects ZIZERA can handle by providing front end developers with …:

  • Local development environment with testing and deployment procedures.
  • The flexible ZIZERA API.
  • Access to all the ZIZERA back end services.
  • Full control over data structure.
  • A ready-made optimized administrative UI.
  • Efficient high safety Cloud hosting infrastructure.

Based on these development and administrative capabilities the ZIZERA PLATFORM is specialized in building content management projects traditionally done in CMS, web development platform, PIM and DAM. But in ZIZERA the same system combines the possibilities of all these systems and projects can be developed from scratch in the ZIZERA PLATFORM faster than in any other environment.

The ZIZERA PUBLISHER can also be used as a backend solution integrated with a 3rd party frontend system through the ZIZERA CORE API or the ZIZERA SDK building a fully stand-alone static solution not requiring any backend.

The best experience and fastest development speed is achieved using full platform capabilities for both backend and frontend, with effortless prototyping, running the full application both locally in the ZIZERA SDK and the ZIZERA PUBLISHER on a global CDN using the ready-made version control and deployment procedures of ZIZERA.